Understanding Tooth Decay

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Did you know that one of the biggest risks to your smile exists in the form of tooth decay? Tooth decay can occur at any time in your life and is extremely common, even in children. Because tooth decay leads to the destruction of your tooth enamel, if you notice any signs of it developing, it will need be eradicated as soon as possible. To help, establish effective tooth decay prevention plans that spot symptoms, provide treatments, and keep your smile safe from future occurrences and risks of tooth decay.

The first step to treating tooth decay is being aware of its main cause. Because tooth decay consists of enamel erosion with your tooth enamel slowly wearing down over time or extensively in a short period of time, it will need to be treated. To prevent tooth decay, avoid plaque buildup in your mouth. Plaque consists of bacteria and debris that converts substances into harmful acids that will chew through your tooth enamel. If plaque buildup is left untreated, it will harden into a substance known as tartar, which requires the help of a professional to remove it.

To help minimize the risk of plaque buildup, make sure that you’re brushing and flossing on a daily basis. With an effective oral hygiene routine, you can drastically lower your risk of tooth decay. Apart from brushing and flossing your teeth, it may be a wise idea to add nonabrasive cleaning products into your oral hygiene routine after eating, including mouthwash and sugarless chewing gum.

If tooth decay goes untreated, eventually it can give rise to holes in your tooth enamel known as cavities. Cavities can put you at several oral health risks, so they will need to be treated with restorations such as dental fillings. If a cavity goes untreated, eventually tooth loss can occur. For additional help with oral health care in minimizing the risks associated with tooth decay, visit your dentist.

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