The Tooth-Healthy Treats You Can Give Out on Halloween So You Can Help Your Neighbors’ Smiles

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Do you wish there was a way to help your neighbors’ smiles this Halloween? If so, our dentist, Dr. Joshua Burton, is happy to grant that wish! There are things you can give to trick-or-treaters that don’t attack and harm the teeth. Those things are non-sugary and non-acidic candies, treats, and treasures, like:

-Glow sticks: The sticks will light the way for all trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood. The sticks can also add color to a costume, help little kids who are scared of the dark, and help parents keep track of their little vampires and princesses.

-Sugar-free gum: Kids love gum! As they scream “Trick or treat,” they can blow and pop bubbles. Another benefit of gum is that as the children chew, saliva is produced. This can wash away the bacteria and sugar in the children’s mouths from the other Halloween treats they are eating.

-Halloween trinkets: Feel free to hand out little treasures like spider rings, temporary Halloween tattoos, Halloween invisible ink, Halloween bouncy balls, and even Halloween stamps and stickers. There are many trinkets you can find at the discount store.

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