Minor Dental Emergencies That Require a Dental Visit

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You no doubt are eager to see the dentist if you are suffering from a painful and throbbing tooth or have experienced a fall or accident that left you with tooth damage, as you need treatment to repair your smile. However, we encourage you to not only react to dental emergencies, but also schedule regular dental visits. We encourage you to schedule a trip to the dentist regularly and if you have developed a minor oral health issue that could grow worse.

Ideally, you should visit Burton Dental Care every six months for routine dental appointments, as during these visits our team can thoroughly clean your smile and examine your teeth and oral tissues for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, tooth damage or oral cancer. However, if our dentist determines that you have vulnerable oral health, he may suggest that you receive frequent care more often.

We encourage you to visit the dentist as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of these minor dental emergency conditions that could hint at a more severe problem:

– Tooth color or texture that changed, or any new developments in the oral tissues and tongue
– Tender and inflamed gums that brushing and flossing cause to bleed
– Ongoing bad breath odor or unpleasant taste
– Any new developments in your bite and how it comes together, including teeth that have shifted positions
– A recent change in your overall health, such as a medical diagnosis for an illness or condition, or changing your prescription medication
– Any reason your medical records need to be updated

If you ignore a dental problem until it is painful, you could have a severe issue and even a dental emergency on your hands. Contact Burton Dental Care at 770-973-4034 today to schedule a routine dental appointment in Marietta, Georgia, or to address oral health concerns to Dr. Joshua Burton.