Do You Need a Tooth-Colored Dental Filling?

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A tooth-colored dental filling is also known as a composite dental filling, and it is custom matched to the color of your tooth enamel. This custom crafting enables the filling to blend seamlessly to the rest of the tooth. There are many benefits of tooth-colored dental fillings that can improve your smile, including:

– Dental composites are often a safer and more effective option for cavities that are too small to benefit from receiving dental amalgams.

– If a composite filling needs replacement, instead of being removed as amalgam typically need to be, several repairs can often be made before the original filling is removed.

– Dental amalgams use mercury to combine the metals used, which concerns some patients, but there is no mercury in composites.

– Dental composites help your teeth avoid tooth fracturing since they are so resilient.

– The development of tooth decay develops around fillings can cause a dental amalgam filling to leak, but the tight seal of composites makes these restorations resistant to leaking.

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