Dental Checkup Basics

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If you haven’t been to the dentist office in a while, here is what typically happens at your bi-annual checkup. Hopefully, it will convince you that it’s time to come in.

Once you’ve checked-in with our helpful receptionist, you’ll be escorted to a comfortable dental chair by our wonderful hygienist or dental assistant. They are both well trained to perform the perfunctory exam, prep work, and thoroughly clean your teeth before the dentist sees you. Another facet of their job is to put you completely at ease. They will discuss your dental history with you and find out any potential issues that need to be relayed to the dentist, such as medications, anxiety, etc. You will receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth using specialized tools for the job.

Dental x-rays are taken to update the dentist on your current state of oral health. This entails wearing a lead vest and biting down on a specialized plastic or cardboard placeholder while the camera is placed against your cheek. Low-level radiation allows the camera to take a picture so the dentist can see what is going on inside your teeth and jaw.

At the last, your dentist does the final examination. he will check the areas of interest found by the assistant, if any are reported. he will use specialized dental instruments to probe, looking for decay, wear, damage and signs of gum disease. he will also feel around your neck and jaw to screen for oral cancer. Concerns will be discussed and professional advice dispensed. Once satisfied there are no critical issues, you will be given a clean bill of health and asked to return in 6 months.

If you’re past due on a dental exam, call Dr. Joshua Burton and our team at Burton Dental Care. You can make an appointment at: 770-973-4034, or come by our office in Marietta, Georgia.